Power Integrity

Power integrity covers all the issues associated with supplying low noise DC voltages to the active devices, and all the interconnects in the power distribution network (PDN) from the VRM to the on-die rail. This includes on-die capacitance, package lead inductance, on-package decoupling capacitors, multiple plane cavities, on-board decoupling capacitors, bulk decoupling capacitors, VRM design, parallel resonance structures and interactions in the entire PDN ecology.

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  • Mjim
    By Travis Ellis

    Break Out Region Design By Inspection

    Many systems fail to live up to expectations, frequently because of an implementation failure at the breakout region. In this blog, Travis Ellis, SI engineer at Samtec, discusses connector-to-board transitions and common impairments to their performance.

  • Istvan jan20thumb
    By Istvan Novak

    Why 2-Port Low-Impedance Measurements Still Matter

    Measuring small resistance values is not trivial, but since 1861, when Lord Kelvin invented the Kelvin bridge,1 we at least have a solution for measuring very low DC resistances: the four-wire Kelvin connection (see Figure 1). We measure the resistance by sending a known current through the resistor and measure the voltage drop using separate wires.

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