About Us

Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), a sister publication to Microwave Journal, covers signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI related topics with industry news, technical articles, white papers, products, Buyer’s Guide, webinars, videos and more. SI Journal is the only peer reviewed, industry journal covering these markets. The journal began as a web site, www.signalintegrityjournal.com, and began publication of a magazine later in 2017.

SIJ aims to increase the signal to noise ratio for SI, PI and EMC engineers by providing high value content. The barriers between what is signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compliance engineering are blurring. This makes it sometimes difficult to neatly parse a problem into just one of these fields. Having one resource that covers all three disciplines means problems and solutions can be addressed holistically.

Signal Integrity Journal publishes high quality, peer-reviewed, educational technical articles from industry experts and companies involved in related industries. A distinguished Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) assists the Signal Integrity editorial staff in the article review process and generation of quality content.

Janine Love, Editor and EDI CON Conference Manager

Technical Editor:
Eric Bogatin, Dean of Signal Integrity Academy
Adjunct Prof, ECEE Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Director, Teledyne LeCroy Front Range Signal Integrity Lab

Contributing Editor:
Patrick Hindle, Editor Microwave Journal

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Rula Bakleh, Samtec Teraspeed Consulting
  • Jay Diepenbrock, SI/RF Consultant
  • Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov, Mentor Graphics
  • Alfred Neves, Wildriver Technology
  • Istvan Novak, SAMTEC Boston
  • Steve Sandler, Picotest
  • Yuriy Shlepnev, Simberian Inc.
  • Bert Simonovich, LAMSIM Enterprises
  • Stephen Slater, Keysight Technologies
  • Larry Smith, Micron
  • Michael Violette, P.E., iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer
  • Lisa Ward, Rohde & Schwarz

The SI Journal is fortunate to have a dedicated editorial advisory board, which carefully reviews every article posted or printed on SI Journal. Learn more about these industry leaders here.

Signal Integrity Journal and Microwave Journal are the official publications of Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON) USA and EDI CON China, the industry driven conferences and exhibitions covering RF/microwave, high-speed digital and EMC/EMI related topics. 

Signal Integrity Journal is part of Horizon House Publications based in Norwood, MA, and London, England.  Horizon House Publications consists of Microwave Journal, Artech House Books and Telecommunications Media Group (formerly Telecommunications Magazine).  We annually organize and run European Microwave Week, EDI CON USA and EDI CON USA.  Our headquarters is located at 685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062, 781-769-9750.