About Us

Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), a sister publication to Microwave Journal, covers signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI related topics with industry news, technical articles, white papers, products, Buyer’s Guide, webinars, videos and more. SI Journal is the only peer reviewed, industry journal covering these markets. It began as a web site, www.signalintegrityjournal.com, and added the publication of a magazine in 2017.

A distinguished Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) assists the editorial staff in the article review process and generation of quality content.

Signal Integrity Journal Staff

Janine Sullivan Love, Editor
Janine is the editor of Signal Integrity Journal, working closely with the editorial staff and Advisory Board to bring technical, high-value content to readers in digital, video, and print formats. In addition, she serves as the technical program director for EDI CON, events co-organized by Signal Integrity Journal and Microwave Journal.


Eric Bogatin, Technical Editor
Eric is the technical editor at Signal Integrity Journal and the Dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the ECEE Dept. Eric improves the signal to noise ratio by sorting through all of the information available and finding the best quality content to publish on Signal Integrity Journal.


Patrick Hindle, Contributing Editor
Pat is a contributing editor to Signal Integrity Journal, bringing his engineering expertise and intellectual curiosity to bear when working with authors and presenters. He is also the editor of Microwave Journal, where he sets the editorial direction and develops market opportunities. 


Jennifer DiMarco, Managing Editor
Jenn's marketing and publishing experience along with her attention to detail is critical in the production of the print, digital and online content. Jenn makes sure the content adheres to the highest standards of quality. She is also involved in the company’s EDI CON events and manages print publication of guides and collateral pieces.


Jaclyn Seigal, Assistant Marketing Manager
Jaclyn handles digital campaigns that include production, deployment, monitoring and analysis for Signal Integrity Journal, as well as content placement. She also produces SIJ webinars, manages the social media platforms, assists with producing marketing collateral, and works to grow the audience and viewers of SIJ. In addition, she serves as the assistant marketing manager for EDI CON events.


Wendelyn Tyler, Editorial Assistant
Wendelyn handles the SIJ buyer’s guide, events calendar, rotates featured items on the website, records analytics, and assists with posting articles and special reports. 




Signal Integrity Journal is part of Horizon House Publications based in Norwood, MA, and London, England.  Horizon House Publications also consists of Microwave Journal, Artech House Books and Telecommunications Media Group. We annually organize and run European Microwave Week, EDI CON Online and EDI CON China.  Our headquarters is located at 685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062, 781-769-9750.