Benjamin Dannan

Benjamin Dannan

Benjamin Dannan is currently an Engineering Manager and Principal Electrical Engineer at Diversey, Inc., in charge of the Robotics Electrical Engineering team. At Diversey, he develops fully autonomous cleaning robots, to include embedded systems and sensors. He has over 10 years of design experience in high-volume, high-reliability, engineering environments, to include robotics, embedded systems, high speed PCBA design, mechatronics design, and designing for EMC requirements. He is a specialist in signal and power integrity concepts, high-speed circuit and multi-layered PCB design, vision systems, robotics, as well as has multiple years of experience with EMI/EMC product mitigation and certifications. He graduated from Purdue University with a BSEE in May 2009, and from USAF Undergraduate Combat Systems Officer training with an Aeronautical rating, in September 2012. Benjamin is also a trained Electronic Warfare Officer in the USAF with deployments on the EC-130J Commando Solo in Afghanistan and Iraq totaling 47 combat missions. In addition, Benjamin holds three patents in his name. He recently completed his Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and has started a new military career in cybersecurity with the 175th Cyber Operations Group in the Maryland Air National Guard.


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How Ground Bounce Can Ruin Your Day

Low-speed printed circuit board (PCB) designs now have to deal with high-speed switching problems. This article examines the ground bounce generated from an LCD assembly while evaluating the impact of the ground bounce on the system level EMI. Three solution strategies to mitigate the ground bounce are analyzed, the pros and cons of each strategy are provided along with the test results.

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