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PCB and Interconnect Design 
Sponsored by Sierra Circuits and Samtec

One of the fundamental problems with high-speed design in general and PCB/interconnect designs in particular, is that problems tend to be intermittent and hard to troubleshoot. So, as a PCB designer, how do you avoid the headaches of mysterious SI or PI issues on board? How do you select the best interconnects for the job to make them as transparent as possible to your design? 

Articles written by SI/PI experts to learn about some of the finer points of PCB Design for high-speed applications.

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Signal Integrity Journal Publishes First Print Issue
Register to download this debut print issue of Signal Integrity Journal featuring articles from industry experts including:

• Eric Bogatin (SIJ Technical Editor)
• Steve Sandler (Picotest)
• Al Neves (Wild River Technology)
• Bert Simonovich (Lamsim Enterprises)
• Istvan Novak (Oracle)
• John Coonrod (Rogers Corp)

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