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SIJ 2023 Issue, "How Interconnects Work: Characteristic Impedance and Reflections"
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  • “A National Security Crisis the Industry Can Address,” Eric Bogatin
  • “How Interconnects Work: Characteristic Impedance and Reflections,” Yuriy Shlepnev
  • “Ultra-Fine Line Differential Pair Design with No Return Plane,” Chaithra Suresh, Eric Bogatin, Melinda Piket-May, Paul Dennig, and Haris Basit
  • “Understanding Via Impedance,” Donald Telian
  • “The Case for Split Ground Planes,” Eric Bogatin
  • “Avoiding GIGO with Field Solvers,” Bert Simonovich
  • “Selecting a Backplane: PCB vs Cable Backplane for High-Speed Designs,” Andrew Josephson, Brandon Gore, and Jonathan Sprigler
  • “Power Integrity Testing Requirements Introduce Extreme Interconnect Measures,” Steven Sandler
  • “DesignCon Returns to January with New Offerings,” Suzanne Deffree

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End-to-End High-Speed Digital Design

High-speed digital links at 224 Gbps per lane, device miniaturization, and ultra-low power budgets result in sophisticated systems that are more complex to optimize signal integrity performance and reliability. Engineers require close collaboration and seamless flows from concept to simulation, emulation, and testing to keep up with technology's pace and meet shrinking time-to-market expectations.

This eBook covers how to connect design workflows to make end-to-end high-speed digital design a reality. It will discuss the challenges and trade-offs associated with optimizing design performance for technologies such as PCIe 6.0, USB4 Version 2.0, and USB-C, DDR5, and LPDDR.

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