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  • Mjim
    By Travis Ellis

    Break Out Region Design By Inspection

    Many systems fail to live up to expectations, frequently because of an implementation failure at the breakout region. In this blog, Travis Ellis, SI engineer at Samtec, discusses connector-to-board transitions and common impairments to their performance.

  • 852a13bc cedc 450e 9254 ef23754cfc8a
    By John Baprawski

    Zero Cost SerDes System Channel Simulation

    In this paper, John Baprawski gives an overview of modeling SerDes systems in a channel simulator, introduces the zero-cost tools available at SerDesDesign.com, and gives an example of simulating a SerDes system with Tx and Rx IBIS-AMI models – all to bring the SI engineer a low cost path for modeling and simulating SerDes systems.

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