Signal Integrity

Signal integrity covers all the issues about single ended and differential signal propagation from the transmitter to the receiver, including problems such as impedance control, discontinuities, reflections, topology, terminations, losses, ISI, jitter, eye diagrams, cross talk and ground bounce.

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  • 51815526895 f29bd71c4f b1
    By Microchip Technology Inc.

    28V-input SA50-28

    Microchip Technology Inc. has eliminated the cost, complexity, and customization challenges of these hybrid solutions by offering a discrete-component-based, space-grade DC-DC power converter family that now includes 28V-input, 50-watt (W) radiation-tolerant options.

  • Tektronix 1 19 22
    By Tektronix

    5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

    5 Series mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO). With numerous enhancements, the 5 Series B MSO delivers even more versatility while continuing to provide high-fidelity waveforms, spectrum analysis capabilities, and flexible signal access.  

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