Signal Integrity

Signal integrity covers all the issues about single ended and differential signal propagation from the transmitter to the receiver, including problems such as impedance control, discontinuities, reflections, topology, terminations, losses, ISI, jitter, eye diagrams, cross talk and ground bounce.

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  • 17pml023_eye_diagram_huita
    By NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

    Microwave-Based Test Method Can Help Keep 3-D Chip Designers’ Eyes Open

    Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have invented a new approach to testing multilayered, three-dimensional computer chips that are now appearing in some of the latest consumer devices. The new method may be the answer the semiconductor industry needs to quickly assess the reliability of this relatively new chip construction model, which stacks layers of flat circuitry atop one another like floors in a building to help make chips ever-faster and packed with features.

  • Figure-10-thumb
    By Ken Willis

    Signal Integrity Methodology for Double-Digit Multi-Gigabit Interfaces

    This paper suggests methodologies for creating a “virtual prototype” of a serial link pre-design and how to create the associated interconnect and SerDes models that go with it. Topics include: using IBIS-AMI models & building your own; the latest interconnect extraction techniques; and using standards-based compliance kits to automate post-layout analysis and signoff for advanced interfaces like PCI Express Gen 4.

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