While many already had home lab setups for projects and exploring curiosities, the challenges of the global pandemic have driven many to ramp up their set ups and spend more time at their in-house benches. Over the years, Signal Integrity Journal has worked with many leading industry experts and stars in our field. Some have gamely agreed to play along with me and share images of their home labs. Enjoy the tour!


Jay Diepenbrock, "I like my lab, which is good enough for home and ham radio projects, though I could use a little more space.  It's not as well-equipped as my old corporate lab, but it has analog and digital oscilloscopes, an audio generator, a pulse/function generator, power supplies, multimeters, some RF test equipment, and soldering equipment.  Someday I'd like to have a decent spectrum analyzer...". Jay is a member of the SIJ Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) and a consultant at SIRF Consultants.

fig 1

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