John Baprawski

John Baprawski is the Principal Engineer at ( focused on modeling high speed digital (HSD) integrated circuits (ICs) based on the industry Input/Output Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) Algorithmic Model Interface (AMI) standard. He is the principal engineer and architect for the website, channel simulation, modeling tools and technology. For the past 10 years, he has provided custom NRZ/PAM4 Tx/Rx IBIS-AMI models and modeling training for over 40 high speed digital IC semiconductor companies. Prior to this consulting work, John was the R&D manager at Keysight Technologies EEsof Division for 22 years responsible for initiating and evolving their system level design tools including ADS Ptolemy, Wireless Libraries and SystemVue products. He holds an MSEE degree from University of California, Los Angeles, and PhD studies in Optical Signal Processing at University of Michigan.



Zero Cost SerDes System Channel Simulation

In this paper, John Baprawski gives an overview of modeling SerDes systems in a channel simulator, introduces the zero-cost tools available at, and gives an example of simulating a SerDes system with Tx and Rx IBIS-AMI models – all to bring the SI engineer a low cost path for modeling and simulating SerDes systems.

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Overcoming Signal Integrity Channel Modeling Issues

In this article, John Baprawski reviews various issues when using S-parameter files to represent the channel in a SerDes system channel simulator. Stepping through several detailed examples, he demonstrates how paying close attention to the quality of the S-parameters allows you to have confidence in the derived SerDes design eye diagrams and other analysis methods. 

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