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Keysight HQ

Keysight Santa Rosa Headquarters Resumes Operations

Keysight Technologies' corporate headquarters in Santa Rosa, California has resumed operations after being temporarily closed due to the wildfires in Northern California. All four main buildings at the site are intact, and the majority of production facilities are back in operation, according to the company. Keysight affirmed the fourth quarter 2017 financial guidance provided in its third quarter earnings release on August 30, 2017.

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Debugging High-Speed SERDES Issues in Multi-board Interconnect Systems

An Outstanding Paper Award Winner at EDI CON USA 2017, this paper investigates SERDES performance in a multi-board system. The goal is to identify the cause of data transmission errors and variability between different differential pairs on the same board and between several boards.  Numerical and experimental investigations are carried out on a test board supporting several interfaces operating at 16 Gbps and above, with recommendations to improve performance.    

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How to Make Predictable PCB Interconnects Thumb

Lessons learned: How to Make Predictable PCB Interconnects for Data Rates of 50 Gbps and Beyond

Design of PCB interconnects for data channels running at bitrate 50 Gbps and beyond is a very challenging problem that requires analyses and measurements over extremely broad frequency bandwidth from DC to 50 GHz and above. This paper shares our experience in building a practical methodology to make predictable 50 Gbps interconnects models.

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Flapping Switch

Mysterious Case of the Flapping Switch

Every network engineer’s nightmare is when you hear from your local technical assistance engineer that a problem is happening in the field on a product already shipping. See how Bob Haller sleuthed his way through a significant troubleshooting challenge, using the tools at hand and some real ingenuity.
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