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Two New Open Source Tools for De-embedding

At DesignCon 2018, the IEEE P370 standards group announced the release of two important tools to assist all engineers for de-embedding. In the presentation by Jason Ellison and Heidi Barnes, “A NIST Traceable PCB Kit for Evaluating the Accuracy of De-Embedding Algorithms and Corresponding Metrics”, the two new tools were announced, a board kit and a de-embedding software tool.

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Introduction to PCIe 4.0 Electrical Compliance Test

Now in its fourth generation, which sports data-transfer rates up to 16 Gb/s, Peripheral Component Interface Express standard (PCI Express, or PCIe) requires challenging physical-layer test requirements (Figure 1). We've covered electrical compliance test for PCIe 3.0 in some detail, but with the test specifications for PCIe 4.0 rounding into shape, it's time for a deep dive into electrical compliance test for this ubiquitous peripheral interface protocol.

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Signal Integrity Journal Publishes First Print Issue

Covering SI/PI/EMI topics with in-depth articles from top industry experts

January 24, 2018 (Norwood, Mass.) – Signal Integrity Journal, a sister publication to Microwave Journal covering signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI related topics, has published its first printed magazine issue. Signal Integrity Journal was launched in September 2016 as an online magazine, and is now celebrating its success with this 2018 print edition (which is also available as a digital e-book).

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Time to Drink from the Firehose Again

I’ve been attending and presenting at DesignCon for 28 years since the first HP High Speed Digital Symposium. And every year, it’s been the same thing, overloaded with too many great talks, too many companies’ latest products to see and too many online friends to finally meet in person. The only thing that has changed is the “too many” part. Needless to say, the many part has only increased.

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DesignCon 2018 Preview

DesignCon 2018 will feature a 14-track conference covering the latest developments in hardware and high-speed communications design. The conference will also have over 100 technical sessions, three full day boot-camps, and more. Signal Integrity Journal has collected the following exhibition highlights as a preview to what you will see in the exhibition hall.

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