Johannes Adam

Johannes Adam

Johannes Adam received a doctorate in physics from University of Heidelberg, Germany, in 1989 on a thesis about numerical treatment of 3- dimensional radiation transport in moving astrophysical plasmas. He was then employed in software companies, mainly working on numerical simulations of electronics cooling at companies like Cisi Ingenierie S.A., Flomerics. Ltd. and Mentor Graphics Corp. In 2009 he founded ADAM Research and does work as a technical consultant for electronics developing companies and as a software developer. He is the author of a simulation program called TRM (Thermal Risk Management), designed for electronics developers and PCB designers who want to solve electro-thermal problems at the board level. He is a member of the German chapter of IPC (FED e.V.) and engages in its seminars about thermal topics. He is a Certified Interconnect Designer (CID). He is living in Leimen near Heidelberg.


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PCB Trace Current/Temperature Relationships and their Dependencies

The ability to analyze and predict the current/temperature effects of isolated traces is helpful, but the actual temperature of a trace may be different because of uncertainties in the actual trace thickness or board material thermal conductivity coefficient. This article traces the effort to see what PCB board parameters have the most impact in determining trace temperatures, followed by a look at related PCB design considerations. Read on to learn more.

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