Power Integrity


What Exactly is Power Integrity?

Larry Smith and I address this question in the preface to our new book. We found this question to be a little like the story of the five blind people and the elephant. They each are asked, what is an elephant? Depending on what part they were facing, imagined the elephant as that feature: a wall, a rope, a tree trunk, etc.
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Infineon Starts Volume Production of First Full-SiC-Module

Higher efficiency, increased power density, smaller footprints and reduced system costs: these are the main advantages of transistors based on silicon carbide (SiC). Infineon Technologies AG is starting volume production for the EASY 1B, the first full-SiC module announced during PCIM 2016. On the occasion of this year’s PCIM in Nuremberg, the company is showcasing additional module platforms and topologies for the 1200 V CoolSiC™ MOSFET family. Infineon is now able to bring the potential of SiC technology to a new level.

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Figure 3

Designing Power for Sensitive Circuits

Low power, high performance circuits are often plagued by power supply related issues.  This common occurrence is frequently due to mythical (or misapplied) rules-of-thumb.  These rules of thumb often lead us in the wrong direction, making things worse rather than better.  In this article, I’ll highlight some of the most common mistakes engineers make and share some fundamental rules for designing clean power for sensitive circuits.  Applying these rules will result in higher performance, lower cost designs with fewer design iterations.

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RF Module

Ten Tips for Best Board Design Practices for IoT Applications

This design guide focuses on small form factor and low power IoT products. Even though these sorts of products are not in the same performance class as server motherboards, not paying attention to signal and power integrity design principles at the beginning of the design cycle may require multiple board spins to get your IoT product working.

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Analog Devices’ Integrated, Isolated Power Controller Series Reduces Design Complexity and Improves System Reliability

Analog Devices, Inc. announced a series of three isolated pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers with integrated 5 kV isolation enabled by ADI’s award-winning iCoupler® technology. The ADP1071-1 and ADP1071-2 are isolated synchronous flyback controllers and the ADP1074 is an isolated synchronous active clamp forward controller.

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R&S Power

Rohde & Schwarz Helps Developers Optimize Power Supplies in Wireless Devices

The new R&S RT-ZVC02/04 multichannel power probe can measure across large current and voltage ranges without having to switch ranges, making it possible to monitor the power consumption of chipsets, radio modules and wearables such as smartwatches. When used in combination with an R&S RTE or R&S RTO oscilloscope, the current drain can be clearly correlated with analog and digital control signals, enabling developers to optimize the battery life of such wearables and wireless devices early in the development cycle.

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HyperLynx PI Simulation

Product Design Flow Challenges

An interview with Patrick Carrier of Mentor Graphics about what’s next for high-speed DDRx and SERDES designs, with a special focus on power integrity.
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