The following are a collection of videos and downloads that are associated with the textbook, Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications, published by Artech, in 2020.

This textbook is the definitive guide to building your engineering understanding of the essential principles of how signals interact with transmission lines and how to engineer transmission lines to achieve target properties.

If you find any of these videos of value, you will want to purchase this textbook to gain that fundamental understanding all engineers need to excel as designers.

Section 1.1: Transmission Line book introduction 

This is an overview of the textbook. Why I wrote this textbook to provide engineering insight into the behavior of transmission lines and the organization of the book.

Section 2.3: ZIP File: Simulation tool download

This is a free tool you can download and use to build your engineering intuition about the dynamic nature of signals. Watch the signal as it propagates and interacts with impedance changes.

Simulation tool walkthrough

This is the user guide for using the very cool TDR animation tool to visualize the interactions of signal on interconnects. I show you how to set up a few cases which show propagating and reflecting signals.

Section 2.5: Instantaneous and Characteristic impedance of TR line analysis

This is the most important concept in the textbook. It reviews the concept of instantaneous impedance and what a signal sees as it encounters a real transmission line.

A.S. Gilmour ARTECH book site can be found here.

Section 2.11: Signal-return current waveform propagating down TR line

This video helps you visualize how a signal propagates on a transmission line and how the signal current and the return current propagates down a transmission line. It shows the displacement current propagating in a transmission line.