Signal Integrity

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Microstrip FEXT Reduction by Capacitive Compensation

Reduction of microstrip FEXT plays an important role in microwave engineering, as microstrip coupled line backward couplers suffer from poor directivity when not compensated. In this article, Henning Mextorf presents a general approach to improve directivity which does not require a modification of the dimensions of the coupled line structure and provides closed form solutions for optimum capacitor values.

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3D Connector Models Enhance Signal-Integrity Analysis

PCB connector suppliers are often tasked with providing connectors that meet today’s high-speed and high-density requirements. In many cases, these connectors also need to maintain signal integrity under harsh conditions. Such models make it possible to simulate how the connector will interface and perform in its surrounding environment. IEH has partnered with Modelithics to offer 3D geometry models for various IEH hyperboloid connector products.

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Keysight Technologies

End-to-End High-Speed Digital Design

High-speed digital links at 224 Gbps per lane, device miniaturization, and ultra-low power budgets result in sophisticated systems that are more complex to optimize signal integrity performance and reliability. Engineers require close collaboration and seamless flows from concept to simulation, emulation, and testing to keep up with technology's pace and meet shrinking time-to-market expectations.

This eBook covers how to connect design workflows to make end-to-end high-speed digital design a reality. It will discuss the challenges and trade-offs associated with optimizing design performance for technologies such as PCIe 6.0, USB4 Version 2.0, and USB-C, DDR5, and LPDDR.


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Book Review: Bogatin's Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications

Whether you’re begin your engineering education or looking to supplement your existing engineering knowledge, "Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications" will accelerate your learning with thorough explanations, video tutorials, and built-in review questions. Bert Simonovich reveals why he considers this transmission line book a necessity for new and experienced engineers.


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Avoiding GIGO with Field Solvers

In this article, Bert Simonovich explores how to avoid “garbage in, garbage out” with field solvers by building an understanding of the nuances of PCB fabrication processes, the interpretation manufacturers’ data sheets, and the tool’s user interface.

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