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Horizon House Forms High Frequency and High-Speed Media and Events Group

Horizon House Publications announces the formation of the High Frequency and High-Speed Media and Events Group made up of Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal magazines plus EDI CON China, EDI CON Online events and managed exhibitions for IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, on behalf of IEEE, and European Microwave Week, on behalf of European Microwave Association.

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The Reports of Copper’s Death May Be Exaggerated

About 150 years ago the first stable transatlantic cable was laid and messages were sent between Ireland and Newfound­land over copper. The data rate on this cable was not even 1 bit/sec, it was 0.1 bit/sec. Concerns over the cable reliabil­ity and the slow data rate led some to believe copper was doomed as a communication media for these long cables.

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