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Eric Bogatin is Technical Editor at Signal Integrity Journal and the Dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder in the ECEE Dept. Eric improves the signal to noise ratio by sorting through all of the information available and finding the best quality content to publish on


First ever IEEE P370 Plug Fest Draws a Crowd

The IEEE P370 standards group was formed over four years ago to draft a standard for the Electrical Characterization of PCB interconnects up to 50 GHz. On Monday, Jan 30, 2018, more than 30 engineers attended the organization’s first “plug fest” at the Santa Clara Convention Center to exercise some of the features of the proposed standard.

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drink from firehose

Time to Drink from the Firehose Again

I’ve been attending and presenting at DesignCon for 28 years since the first HP High Speed Digital Symposium. And every year, it’s been the same thing, overloaded with too many great talks, too many companies’ latest products to see and too many online friends to finally meet in person. The only thing that has changed is the “too many” part. Needless to say, the many part has only increased.

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a gift for SIJ readers blog


We’ve come to the end of our first complete year of online publication. Our Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) has done a superb job of nudging us in the right direction, contributing high value technical pieces and reviewing all the technical content submitted to the Signal Integrity Journal. As a final passing favor to the SI, PI and EMC community of readers, we want to leave all of our readers with a year-end holiday gift.

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Lee Hill demo

Real Time FFT Makes EMI Debug So Much Easier.

Traditional swept-tuned EMI spectrum analyzers and step-tuned EMI receivers may produce misleading or entirely false measurement results when the signal under study is not steady state, but transient. See Eric Bogatin's review of a demo by Lee Hill on this subject.

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