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Viavi Solutions Inc.
6001 America Center Drive, 6th Floor
San Jose CA 95002
United States

VIAVI empowers Service Providers and IT organizations to manage the network lifecycle for complex 5G and Fiber networks with intuitive instruments, systems and technologies; and our expertise in light management and optical coatings help protect the world’s bank notes from counterfeiters, enhance the colors you see, and enable advanced technology such as 3D sensing.



16-lane Protocol Analysis System for PCIe 5.0: Xgig 5P16

Viavi Solutions Inc., introduced the first 16-lane protocol analysis system for PCI Express® 5.0, operating at 32 Gbps per lane. The VIAVI Xgig 5P16 Protocol Analyzer delivers detailed traffic analysis and jamming capabilities, enabling test and validation to meet the most demanding performance needs of emerging compute-intensive applications.

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