Heidi Barnes

Heidi Barnes

Heidi Barnes is a Senior Application Engineer and Power Integrity Product Owner for High Speed Digital applications in the Design Engineering Software Group of Keysight Technologies. Her recent activities include the application of electromagnetic, transient, and channel simulators to solve signal and power integrity challenges.  Author of over 20 papers on SI and PI, active member in developing the new IEEE P370 Standard involving interconnect S-parameter quality after fixture removal, and recipient of the DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year.  

Prior experience includes seven years in signal integrity for ATE test fixtures for Verigy, an Advantest Group, eight years in RF/Microwave microcircuit packaging for Agilent Technologies,10 years with NASA in the aerospace industry, and one year with Arco Solar in the solar cell industry. She has been with Keysight EDA software since 2012.  She holds five patents, and was awarded the NASA Silver Snoopy for her work on hydrogen fire and gas detection.

Heidi graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.



IEEE P370: A Fixture Design and Data Quality Metric Standard for Interconnects up to 50 GHz

The fixtures used to characterize interconnects in complex systems can have a significant effect on the measured data, read on to get the background and perspective on IEEE P370. Check out this Outstanding Paper Award Winner from EDI CON USA 2018.

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