Speed Meets Accuracy in a New EM Scanning Technique

For designers of integrated circuits and circuit boards, electromagnetic emissions are a critical concern. Designers need to ensure the final products comply with international standards for controlling radiated emissions. They must also ensure that a product does not cause self-interference or interference with other devices when part of a larger system. If electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems are not detected and fixed early in the design process, the consequences can include production delays, missed time-to-market goals and higher costs.

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My Visit to the EMI Test Lab - Part of the Fun of Science

Last week, I had the chance to visit with Dennis King at his EMI Test Lab in Longmont, Colorado. While Dennis has been doing EMI testing for more than 30 years, he set up his independent test lab in 2004. With a GTEM and 3-m anechoic chamber, plus stations for ESD and susceptibility testing, he routinely performs testing for CE Mark and FCC emissions and immunity requirements.

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EDI CON China 2017 Announces Keynote and Panels

EDI CON China 2017, a conference that brings together engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs, taking place April 25-27 at the Shanghai Convention Center & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (Shanghai, China), announces the keynote speaker for this year’s event will be Peter Rabbeni, Sr. Director RF BU Product Marketing at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Rabbeni will bring his significant insights on semiconductor technology to bear on his talk entitled, “Technologies for the Next Wave of Mobile Data.”

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EDI CON USA 2017 Opens Call for Abstracts

RF/Microwave and High-Speed Digital Topics Welcome

EDI CON USA 2017 announces that this year’s call for abstracts (CFA) is now open. The EDI CON USA Technical Advisory Committee, event management team, and this year’s conference chairs, Thomas Cameron, CTO for the Communications Business Unit at Analog Devices Inc. and Istvan Novak, Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle, worked in conjunction to develop the CFA. Potential speakers can submit abstracts in 12 tracks, vying for speaking slots in technical sessions at the conference as well as an EDI CON USA Outstanding Paper Award.


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Controlling Electromagnetic Emissions from PCB Edges in Backplanes

It is a well-known fact that electromagnetic radiation can be emitted from the edges of printed circuit boards (PCBs). When a current carrying via passes through two or more reference planes, an EM wave propagates radially away from the via within the cavity.  It is guided by the respective planes; much like a water ripple will propagate radially away from a rain drop hitting a puddle of water. When the wave meets the PCB edge, the two reference planes form a slot antenna and will radiate noise with the potential to generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) to nearby equipment.

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Robust Industrial Grade X2 Capacitors With a Rated Voltage of  350 V AC

TDK Corp. presents a new series of robust EPCOS MKP X2 capacitors for EMI suppression. Compared with conventional X2 capacitors designed for rated voltages of 305 V AC, these new components offer a higher rated voltage of 350 V AC. This makes them suitable for EMI suppression in input filters – specifically for applications on the North American market – and output filters of photovoltaic inverters.

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Electromagnetic Exposure Simulation Software

The new version of EMF Visual is even more powerful thanks to advanced features. It now uses GPU resources, which provide coverage of larger areas for exposure evaluation and enables the use of the Geographical Information System (GIS) database or 3D objects conversion for direct loading of virtual 3D scenes, while interfacing with SketchUp software. In addition, the new version allows users to assign material properties to the entire surrounding 3D environment in order to take into account their impact on exposure levels, while still making fast calculations.

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EDI CON USA Announces 2017 Event: Save the Date!

Bringing together engineers working in RF/microwave with those working in high-speed digital, EDI CON USA offers an opportunity to learn from other disciplines and transfer techniques and methods between applications. The exhibit floor will include booths from industry-leading companies working in both of these areas, as well as feature the SI ZONE, a specialized demo area for signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC products. 

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