Flapping Switch

Mysterious Case of the Flapping Switch

Every network engineer’s nightmare is when you hear from your local technical assistance engineer that a problem is happening in the field on a product already shipping. See how Bob Haller sleuthed his way through a significant troubleshooting challenge, using the tools at hand and some real ingenuity.
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Lee Hill demo

Real Time FFT Makes EMI Debug So Much Easier.

Traditional swept-tuned EMI spectrum analyzers and step-tuned EMI receivers may produce misleading or entirely false measurement results when the signal under study is not steady state, but transient. See Eric Bogatin's review of a demo by Lee Hill on this subject.

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Reducing EMI with Board-Level Shields

Reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a key challenge when designing electronic devices. In this article, we will take a look into EMI challenges, the role of board-level shields (BLS) in reducing EMI, and the key criteria to keep in mind when selecting BLS.

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EMC Engr Book

Book Review - A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering

Levent Sevgi, who has worked with electromagnetics for almost three decades, wrote this book to address the breadth of EMC engineering topics that are not covered by more specialized texts: market control, accreditation, calibration, EMC testing and measurement and mitigation.

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