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Young Professionals Placed in Jeopardy at 2019 EMC Symposium

August 5, 2019

The game, that is.  

Image 1
Patrick DeRoy played Alex Trabek at the Jeopardy event, orchestrated by Louann Mlekodaj.

On Monday July 22, the first day of the 2019 IEEE EMC Symposium Louann Mlekodaj, Eriko Yamato, Patrick DeRoy and other members of the EMC YP committee organized a Jeopardy game for the Young Professionals Group. As fitting the format of the Jeopardy show at an EMC event, answer categories covered, of course, EMC, SI and PI topics. 

Image 2
Some of the event organizers, Louann Mlekodaj, Eriko Yamato and Patrick DeRoy.

SIPI for $200: This is the most important electrical circuit property to reduce in every part of the power distribution network. See below for the question.

The Young Professionals (YP) group is a networking organization for engineers who received their BS within the last 15 years. It evolved from the EMC GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade)  group, originally organized by Caroline Chan in 2009.

According to their bylaws, the purpose of the YP is to “To continuously encourage life-long-learning, participation, community and involvement within the EMC Society’s younger engineering professionals and build cross discipline relationships.”

Automotive for $400: This is the highest level of injected current in most automotive BCI standards. See below for the question.

The benefit to the EMC society is to foster the next generation of industry leaders. The benefit to the members is to network not only with other young professionals, but also with the older generation.

Louann Mlekodaj, who has been active in the YP group for the last decade, and her committee of ten volunteers, organized events at last year’s and this year’s symposium. This year’s event at the New Orleans’s Symposium, brought together more than 35 of the newest generation of professionals with a few of the older generation of EMC professionals.

All the questions were created by a panel of four expert judges, Patrick Andre, Eric Bogatin, Chris Dewitt, and Todd Hubing, who also attended to mingle and share stories with the group. Categories included Automotive, Military/aerospace, Medical/safety, SIPI and general.

Image 3
Categories in the Jeopardy game. Not surprising, the SIPI category was the last to be completed.

General EMC for $100: The answer is, As IEEE EMC Society President, Bruce Archambeault, says: “THIS is a place where potatoes and carrots thrive!”. See below for the question.

The Young Professionals group in the EMC Society is just one of the many YP groups in the IEEE.  “The benefit of the YP groups in the IEEE,” Mlekodaj said, “is that they are a voice of the younger generations within their technical disciplines and serve an important role to expanding the IEEE Society to recently graduated students and younger engineers.”

For more information about the IEEE YP please see:

For more information about the IEEE EMC YP group see:

To join the group. Send an email to  or check their facebook page:

Test yourself Questions:

SIPI for $200: The question is: what is inductance?

Automotive for $400: The question is: what is 200 mA?

General EMC for $100: The question is: what is ground?