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February 26, 2019

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Sierra Circuits


Far-field Emissions From PCB Cavities

By Antonio Ciccomancini Scogna

In high-speed circuit designs, power integrity (PI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are connected together. When the edge of the cavity created by power (PWR) and ground (GND) planes in PCBs radiates, the peak frequencies in the emissions are the same as the peak frequencies in the cavity self-impedance.


Executive Q&A: Ken Willis, Product Engineering Architect at Cadence

By Janine Love

Executive Q&A with Ken Willis, Product Engineering Architect at Cadence discussing product development, business challenges, and the latest developments in SI/PI design. Discover more.


News Feature1

Rohde & Schwarz Supports the UNH-IOL in Automotive Ethernet Testing Services for 100/1000BASE-T1

Rohde & Schwarz provides an automotive Ethernet testing solution to the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). From now on, OEMs, Tier1s, Tier2s, and System Integrators can submit their products for compliance test certification via UNH-IOL, the first OPEN Alliance accredited test lab providing test certification for automotive Ethernet.

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High Speed OC-3/12 and STM-1/4 Test Platforms for Channelized and UnChannelized Applications

GL Communications Inc. announced its insight into the High Speed OC3/12 and STM1/4 Analysis and Emulation Platform referred to as LightSpeed1000.




PAM4/Bit Error Rate Testing

Sponsored By Anritsu
For engineers wading into the waters of higher data rates and PAM4, this special issue of Signal Integrity Journal on PAM4/BER and related topics, sponsored by Anritsu, brings some of the most recent pieces on these topics into one collection. Download this free eBook to learn more.


Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz EMI Debugging

Meeting EMI and EMC requirements is critical to bringing electronic products to market. Compliance testing requires expensive equipment and test time at a compliance laboratory. Failures found late impact project costs and launch schedule due to debugging and re-testing. This video shows how the R&S RTO oscilloscope can be used with a near field probe to find and fix EMI issues quickly and reliably during the development at the R&D lab thereby minimizing expensive re-testing and shortening time to market.


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