Signal Microwave has launched a new line of higher performance edge launch connectors designed for the thinner substrates used today. Featuring, 1.15:1 max connector VSWR through 40 GHz (23 dB return loss), the data is for two connectors on a 1 in., 8 mil RO4003 substrate with an FR-4 backer. The new design of the connector is intended for substrate thicknesses between 5 to 10 mils (0.005 to 0.010 in.), (0.127 to 0.254 mm).

Signal Microwave’s primary mission is creating solutions for the signal integrity/high speed digital market.All products are fabricated and assembled in the U.S. and France using military grade materials and processes. You can visit Signal Microwave at DesignCon 2020 in the DVT Solutions Booth #123.

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