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February 19, 2019

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Power Electronics vs. Power Integrity

By Steve Sandler

The power electronics engineer and the power integrity engineer share a common goal: provide the system with the correct voltages, currents, and noise characteristics to achieve the desired performance. Unfortunately, they do not share much else. They generally use different tools, vocabulary, and figures of merit. As a result, both sides lose.


Test System Addresses Demands of 56/112G PAM4 Using Upcoming IEEE P370 Standard

By Pat Hindle

eSilicon was in the Samtec booth at DesignCon 2019 presenting their collaboration with Wild River Technology to develop an advanced test system that addresses the difficult signal integrity demands of 56/112G PAM4 operation. The test system design utilizes the upcoming IEEE P370 standard in association with compliance metrics 802.3bs, OIF CEI – 56G PAM4, and COBO to validate the required performance.


News Feature1

Teledyne LeCroy Adds PCI Express 5.0 Physical-Layer Testing

Teledyne LeCroy announces support for PCI Express 5.0 physical layer testing with an advantage in calibration and test completion time, expanding on what is already an extensive set of PCI Express test solutions.

News Feature2

Pasternack Launches Expanded Line of Millimeter-Wave Removable End Launch PCB Connectors

Pasternack has launched a new extended series of mmWave, removable,  edge launch, PCB connectors that are ideal for SERDES applications like high-speed networking, cloud servers and supercomputing. 


Rohde & Schwarz


EMI Automotive Band Evaluation

By Rohde & Schwarz

The EMI Automotive Band Evaluations are done by the software extension “EMI Automotive Band Evaluation” or short “EMI Automotive” for the EMC software R&S EMC32. EMI disturbance signals generated from car components have to be measured with on-board communication antennas in their frequency bands. Download the app note to learn more.


DesignCon 2019 Videos

Videos from DesignCon 2019

Check out these product overviews, demonstrations and interviews recorded at DesignCon 2019 for Rohde & Schwarz and ANSYS.


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