February 12, 2019

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Avoid These Two Artifacts When Measuring SMPS Power Rails

By Eric Bogatin and Harshith Alvakonda

Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) are commonly used DC-to-DC converters in many electronic components. By their nature, they can generate a lot of radiated emissions. Unless care is taken, it is difficult to separate what is the actual voltage on the power rail and what is an artifact due to the way we probe the circuit. The project outlined here shows how to avoid EMI pick-up and cable reflection noise.



Executive Q&A: Steve Sandler, Founder of Picotest

By Janine Love

Steve Sandler has been involved with power system engineering for nearly 40 years, has been a supporter of SI Journal since its founding, and now sits on its editorial advisory board. Steve is the founder of, a company specializing in power integrity solutions including measurement products, services, and training.


News Feature1

DesignCon 2019 - Open Your Eyes

By Pat Hindle

DesignCon highlighted the latest in high-speed digital design with keynotes covering the hot topics in the industry such as quantum computing, 5G, and artificial intelligence. Read this review of the event and exhibition.

News Feature2

Keysight Technologies Simplifies Lab Management and Optimizes Learning in Engineering Teaching Labs

Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced the BenchVue Lab Management and Control solution, a software tool designed to simplify the configuration, monitoring and tracking of lab instruments while optimizing student learning.




Experience the EMC Community in Germany!

By EMV 2019

Join us for Europe’s leading event on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) at EMV 2019 from 19 – 21 March 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. We invite you to visit the exhibition with more than 100 international companies. Check out the exhibitor list and take a closer look into our workshop program.


Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz Power Integrity - How To Make More Precise Measurements

Making accurate power integrity measurements continues to increase in importance as rail voltages get lower and tolerance get tighter. Watch the video to learn more.

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