February 5, 2019

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Quick, Simple Way to Measure the System Bandwidth of a Scope-Probe System

By Eric Bogatin, Lawrence Jacobs, and Matt Diessner

The new system bandwidth is as important to know as the scope’s bandwidth, but it is generally difficult to measure except in a calibration lab. We offer a simple method of evaluating the transfer function and system bandwidth of any probing system using a wide band noise source. Discover more.


Digital Dinosaur: A Fresh Dig at an Old Design

By Mike Violette

My aging vibration system started faulting. Shaking for 30 years takes a toll on a thing, after all. The system is pretty straightforward, just a big stack of audio amps and a controller. Much to my lab manager’s chagrin, I had been intentionally ignoring the warning signs.


News Feature1

eSilicon and Wild River Technology Announce Advanced SerDes Test System

eSilicon, a provider of FinFET ASICs IP platforms and 2.5D packaging solutions, in collaboration with Wild River Technology, announced at DesignCon 2019, the availability of a test system that addresses the signal integrity demands of 56/112G PAM4 operation.

News Feature2

Keysight Technologies Introduces First Comprehensive DDR5 Testing Solution

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the first comprehensive double data rate (DDR) 5.0 test solution. The DDR5 testing system includes a new receiver, transmitter, and protocol test solutions. It is designed to perform all test requirements in the DDR5 design specification.




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Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz eMMC Interfaces Compliance Test

Embedded multi-media cards (eMMC) are widely used in the industry as the primary memory for portable devices. The R&S®RTO-K92 eMMC Compliance Test option offers an automated test solution for the electrical interface of an eMMC device according to the JEDEC specification, revision 5.1.

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