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Breaking Loop Inductance into Pieces

Inductance and resistance are fundamental to the design and analysis of Power Delivery Networks (PDNs). Excessive inductance and resistance can cause several severe power and signal integrity problems, as well as design failure. As we have seen, inductance can certainly be a confusing parameter. The type of the extracted resistance and inductance (loop or partial) depends on how the ports are connected to the model in the simulation. Consequently, their connection in the electrical circuit and the level of voltage details we can get from the simulation results will be determined. In many cases, it is required to know the voltage drop on the PWR path and on the GND path separately, therefore it is necessary to use partial inductances and resistances. The method of expressing SLI with partial inductances and the ideas behind it are briefly described in this paper.

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Nine Essential Principles of Signal Integrity

SIJ technical editor Eric Bogatin notes that there are some problems that occur over and over again across product families and applications. They have a handful of essential principles at their underlying root cause. In this blog, he explains that if we really understand these underlying principles, the root cause of the problems will be more apparent and their solutions closer to implement.

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