Dror Haviv

Dror Haviv received his Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in electrical engineering from the electromagnetic and microwave program at Ben-Gurion University (Beer-Sheva, Israel). Dror has years of design, analysis, measurement, teaching, and research experience in signal integrity. Today, he serves as a Technologist at the signal and power integrity team at Western Digital ASIC platform engineering organization. His job duties include flash controllers’ Signal/Power Integrity (SI/PI) design, silicon die and package co-design, modeling, system level SI/PI simulations, and correlation analysis of die/package SI/PI parameters between simulation and measurement results.

From 2010 - 2019 he has served as the signal integrity focal point and a senior corporate researcher with RAFAEL’s R&D division. At these roles, he designed, simulated, and measured signal integrity from board level to platform level and has conducted several research projects in the signal integrity field.



How to Stop Your Differential Vias from Leaking

Can common via structures transfer any data rate or are they limited with a defined bandwidth? If so, what limits its bandwidth? And what can be done when the bandwidth of the signal is greater than the bandwidth of the G-S-S-G structure? This technical feature from Dror Haviv explains.

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