January 21, 2020

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Why 2-Port Low-Impedance Measurements Still Matter

By Istvan Novak

Measuring small resistance values is not trivial, but since 1861, when Lord Kelvin invented the Kelvin bridge, we at least have a solution for measuring very low DC resistances: the four-wire Kelvin connection. We measure the resistance by sending a known current through the resistor and measure the voltage drop using separate wires. Read on to learn more.


Bogatin’s 20 Rules for Engineers

By Eric Bogatin

Over the years, I have presented to and worked with thousands of engineers, from very young to very old. Many of the problems they bring to me have a small set of common answers. I’ve collected these into 20 basic rules of engineering. Check out Eric's rules here.

News Feature1

Qorvo Delivers USB Fast Charger PMIC for Powering Mobile Devices in Vehicles

Qorvo introduced a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) that expands the company's portfolio of products for rapid in-vehicle charging of phones, tablets and laptops. Qorvo's ACT4751M is the industry's first AEC-Q100 qualified step-down, voltage-regulator IC dedicated to USB Type-C fast charger applications.

News Feature2

Coilcraft Introduces High Voltage Molded Power Inductors

Coilcraft has expanded its market for XEL Family of high-performance, molded power inductors to include three higher-voltage series: the XEL401xV, XEL4020V and XEL4030V. All three offer operating voltage ratings of 120 V, 50% higher than the standard versions.


SIJ January 2020 Issue


The SIJ January 2020 Issue is Here!

Signal Integrity Journal, covering signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI, has published its January 2020 issue. The January magazine is available in print (by subscription and at select SI/PI/EMI events) and is also available as a technical eBook.

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EDI CON Online

Watch On-Demand: Characterizing the VRM

Didn't get a chance to attend EDI CON Online in September? This SI/PI Technical Session presented by Steve Sandler covered the test bench setup to perform the measurements needed to characterize the predominant VRM noise paths. These measurements provided a roadmap to optimizing the VRM from a system level perspective, ensuring power integrity, while minimizing VRM noise that degrades performance of other system circuits.

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EDI CON China 2020

APEMC 2020

The world of EMC is such a diverse discipline and encompasses medical research, radiation hazards to personnel, fuel and ordinance, signal, integrity, product and system design, standards. We cover DC to Daylight and everything in between. You don’t have to be an expert or devotee of EMC to gain some useful insight that will assist you with your interference issues. APEMC is the largest event of its type in the Asia/Pacific region and attracts experts from all over the world. Discover more.


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