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APEMC 2020

APEMC 2020


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5/19/20 to 5/22/20



Event Description

Modern Society is increasingly becoming more connected and the technology that is enabling this to happen is operating in a complex and hostile electromagnetic environment. As such knowledge and practical experience in EMC design, mitigation and testing is increasingly in demand.

Developing technology such as 5G and autonomous vehicles present exciting possibilities but also provide challenges to those in the field due to the dynamic nature of the electromagnetic environment that the technology operates in.

For the uninitiated EMC is black magic but those in the industry know it is application of common sense principles based on established electromagnetic theory and implementation of good design which factors in the electromagnetic environment that the environment that the equipment will coexist in.

The world of EMC is such a diverse discipline and encompasses medical research, radiation hazards to personnel, fuel and ordinance, signal, integrity, product and system design, standards.

We cover DC to Daylight and everything in between. You don’t have to be an expert or devotee of EMC to gain some useful insight that will assist you with your interference issues.

APEMC is the largest event of its type in the Asia/Pacific region and attracts experts from all over the world.