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Fingerprint Your Serial Link to Solve SI

Signal Integrity, In Practice

Serial links have focused the practice of signal integrity on managing loss and discontinuities. Each system struggles with one or the other, making it imperative to determine which issue is dominant in your system and respond appropriately. This article by Donald Telian will explain how to characterize your link to help guide your thinking and your solution.

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Outer Loop Equalization for PCIe Cross-Lane Transceiver Optimization

PCIe Gen4 Standards Margin-Assisted Outer-Layer Equalization for Cross-Lane Optimization in a 16GT/s PCIe Link

PCIe Gen4 enables new wave of innovation to guide inner-loop SerDes optimization assisted by outer-loop system optimization. This paper introduces an outer-layer equalization scheme for managing SerDes inner-layer equalization to optimize overall system-level aggregate performance.

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