Mohammad S. Mobin

Mohammad S. Mobin earned his PhD in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University. He also holds MSEE and BSEE from University of South Alabama and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. For last ten+ years M. S. Mobin is involved with SerDes architecture definition, system modeling and simulation. He is deeply involved with channel equalization and timing recovery techniques. Currently he is a distinguished engineer at Broadcom Ltd. He has 100 US patents granted in his name; he published various papers in IEEE transactions in Biomedical Engineering, and other conferences. He represents Broadcom Ltd in PCIe EWG Standards Committee.


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Outer Loop Equalization for PCIe Cross-Lane Transceiver Optimization

PCIe Gen4 Standards Margin-Assisted Outer-Layer Equalization for Cross-Lane Optimization in a 16GT/s PCIe Link

PCIe Gen4 enables new wave of innovation to guide inner-loop SerDes optimization assisted by outer-loop system optimization. This paper introduces an outer-layer equalization scheme for managing SerDes inner-layer equalization to optimize overall system-level aggregate performance.

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