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Look Before You Leap Cover.jpg

Look Before You Leap

In this installation of Engineering Nightmares, Robert Haller explores a keystone rule to keep in mind when troubleshooting signal integrity problems. Learn why signal integrity engineers should never perform a measurement or simulation without first anticipating what they expect to see.

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Finite Element Modeling of Copper Foil Loss From AFM Measurements

DesignCon 2023 Best Paper Award Winner

The roughness of copper foils has a detrimental effect on signal loss in PCBs. Therefore, reducing roughness is crucial in minimizing signal loss. Nevertheless, roughness is essential to ensure a good adherence between the prepreg and the copper foil. A compromise must be found between adherence and power integrity. This paper presents a novel approach to evaluate signal loss without assuming any specific roughness shape.    

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Data-Efficient Supervised Machine Learning Technique for Practical PCB Noise Decoupling

DesignCon 2023 Best Paper Award Winner

Design of PCB-based PDNs has become a challenge due to rising power consumption, lowering supply voltages, increasing integration density and design complexity. In this paper, we propose an algorithmic procedure using supervised machine learning techniques to provide expert guidance on the PDN design and optimize power supply decoupling capacitors. The proposed method replaces the computationally expensive numerical simulations with faster ANNs.

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Next-Generation PCB Loss Analysis

In preparation for 224 Gb/s and beyond, Samtec engaged in a research project to characterize the transmission performance of emerging PCB material sets. Brandon Gore explores the current state of the art for PCBs and cables, comparing them and assessing the technology gap to fully support the insertion loss performance required for higher data rates.

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