Today's vehicles contain more electronics with RF technology, radio components, radars and high-speed data buses. This makes it difficult for automobile manufacturers to ensure that electronic emissions remain within specified limits and that vehicles are not susceptible to external interference sources. At EMV 2020 in Cologne, Germany, Rohde & Schwarz will present EMC test solutions specifically for users in the automotive industry: the fastest CISPR-25 certification, a strong and compact BCI test system, and R&S AdVISE version 5, which keeps a close eye even on vibrating display elements during EMS tests.

Under the slogan "Accelerate Design. Maximize Performance.", Rohde & Schwarz will present its comprehensive portfolio of EMC test and measurement equipment at EMV 2020 in Cologne on March 17-19, 2020. At Booth 112 in Hall 10.2, Rohde & Schwarz will focus among others on test solutions for the automotive industry.

Fastest CISPR-25 Acceptance

One of the things manufacturers must ensure is that onboard receivers in vehicles are adequately protected against electromagnetic interference. Rohde & Schwarz has developed a fast measurement method for tests that meet the CISPR-25 standard. Not only does it measure very quickly, it does so with an extremely small resolution bandwidth of 9 kHz. The demo at the booth is based on the R&S ESR EMI test receiver with the R&S ESH3-Z6 line impedance stabilization network. With its numerous features for analysis and troubleshooting, the R&S ESR is well-suited as a midrange compliance test receiver.

Rohde & Schwarz is also exhibiting the fast time-domain scan (fast TDS) function for the R&S ESW high-end test receiver. With double the scan bandwidth, the measurement speed is nearly twice as fast as a conventional time-domain scan. This allows faster measurements than previously achieved commercially for time-consuming tests with a quasi-peak detector. Along with accelerating preliminary measurements, this method can be used for certification in the frequency range above 300 MHz. Fast TDS is available at no cost with the next firmware version for the R&S ESW.

Strong, Compact BCI Test System

There is also a test system for wired electromagnetic susceptibility measurements using the bulk current injection (BCI) test method, as prescribed for testing electronic modules in vehicles. The BCI system consists of the compact R&S SMC100A signal generator, the R&S BBA150-AB broadband amplifier with output power up to 350 W in the frequency range from 4 kHz to 400 MHz, the R&S NRP6AN average power sensor specifically developed for EMC applications, and the widely used R&S EMC32 measurement software.

Automatic Monitoring of Display Elements During EMS Tests, Even With Vibrations

For video-based monitoring of status displays, indicator lamps and screens, Rohde & Schwarz presents the R&S AdVISE monitoring and analysis software. The software reliably and automatically reports any undesired deviations. It can recognize characters, symbols, display bars and pointer positions. Version 5, continuously checks the position of the object under test and adjusts the evaluation in real time. Vibrations from motors and shaking from turntables are no longer obstacles to automated monitoring. The new technology also simplifies changing the camera position. If the camera orientation is modified, the press of a button is all it takes to adjust the configuration of the monitoring software to the altered image view. R&S AdVISE v5 is matched to the R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software, allowing users to analyze events correlated to the associated frequencies, interference levels and factors such as antenna positions.

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