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Top 5 Articles of All Time

As rated by reader views, here are the Top 5, Most Read Articles on SIJ of all time. Thank you for your continued readership, as we look forward to bringing you many more great technical features in 2022 and beyond!

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A Bode Plot Without Access to the Control Loop

This extreme measurement seems more impossible than difficult.  The traditional stability assessment method for voltage regulators is the Bode plot.  Access to the control loop is required and a small signal is injected into the control loop, usually via a resistor, placed at the top of the voltage sense divider. Without access to this voltage divider, there isn’t a place to inject a signal into the control loop, and therefore the Bode plot is seemingly impossible…

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Eight Tips on Giving a Presentation

Now that I am teaching full time and have a number of undergraduate and graduate students doing weekly project reviews, I listen to more presentations than I give. I find myself giving the same feedback over and over again. So, I thought I would share my eight most common comments and tips to engineers giving presentations.

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Those Pesky Half-Wave Resonances

“Over the years I’ve come to realize that, particularly in signal integrity, half-wave resonances are often the cause of ugly S-parameters. You can argue that any type of resonance would cause problems, and you would be right. However, half-wave resonances are easily formed in topologies.” This article summarizes observations from Gustavo Blando on the formation and mitigation of half-wave resonances, and includes an in-depth study on the topic in PDF format from the author.

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