Ken Wyatt: “As an an active EMC consultant since 2008, I depend on my lab bench and gear to assist my clients in characterizing and troubleshooting EMC issues. This is especially important during this time of pandemic, because many clients prefer to ship me their products to test, rather than have me do this in-house. Currently, the bench includes (left to right) a variety of older HP power supplies, a Siglent SDG 1062X Function/Arbitrary Generator, an Agilent MSO-X 3102A oscilloscope, a Siglent SSA 3032X spectrum analyzer, and down below, a Kikusui PAL 35-10 power supply, Siglent SPD 3303C power supply, a Hakko FX-888D soldering station (excellent, by the way), a Fluke 77 DMM, a Signal Hound VSG25A RF synthesizer, a Tekbox TBMDA3 5W broadband RF power amplifier/modulator and a Rigol DL3021 electronic load.

“If you’re thinking of assembling a home lab, then I’d suggest starting off with a good oscilloscope (maybe 200 to 500 MHz BW), a multi-output power supply like the Siglent SPD 3303C and maybe some sort of affordable function generator similar to the Siglent SDG 1062X. Rigol would also be a good source for these. I also really love the Hakko soldering station - did I already say that? Ha! If doing any RF design, then include one of the affordable Rigol or Siglent spectrum analyzers. If you’re specifically interested in equipment for EMC, then I’d suggest a copy of Create Your Own EMC Troubleshooting Kit - Volume 1, available from Amazon.” Ken is an EMC consultant at Wyatt Technical Services LLC.

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