And, while he does not get to work from home, Robert Haller humored me with some images from the office:

Robert Haller: “I still have been going to the lab (occasionally) in the office, because it is impractical to move a thermal chamber and Ixia home, and not sure if the 25G scope traveled home I would bring it back!” Bob is senior principal hardware engineer at Extreme Networks.

fig 19


“Why I have to go into the office. I can’t bring the traffic generator (IXIA) home.”


fig 20


“If I bring my 20Ghz scope home, I will never go back to office.”


fig 21


“That’s me helping the software guys debug optics issues (in SW area). Notice the wooden benches made for Cabletron by a local carpenter a million years ago. Also notice the Patriots shirt after we just won 5 Superbowls. A bunch of us Extreme folks get to go to every home game as “wi-Fi Coaches”  including a select few to Superbowls !  Funny once a colleague and I commented that you can write an article around a single picture (worth a thousand words)…. 20G scope in foreground… I could keep going…”


fig 22

“What not to do with your thermal chamber unless you want to cool down your beer.”



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