Semi-retired Silicon Valley Applications and Systems Engineer that previously worked at Linear Technology, Zoran, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments: “This photo is of the "good stuff" in my home lab. Many other items of my home lab are not shown as they just won't fit on that side of the room. If I turn on any additional instruments for this photo, the breaker trips!

Cabinets from right to left:

1st: Miscellaneous VNAs and FRAs Bode 100 and injector kit from Picotest in center stage!

2nd: RF Rohde &Schwarz plus an interloping Anritsu. Symmetricom 10MHz master reference oscillator and GPS disciplined setup still need to be plumbed in.

3rd: Scopes from: R&S 4GHz RTO1044 including Logic Analyzer option;  LeCroy 1GHz HDO6104 12bit; LeCroy 1GHz HDO8108 12bit with logic analyzer option; numerous AC/DC current probes from LeCroy and Tek not shown.

4th: Audio Analyzers aplenty. Sound Technology, Audio Precision SYS-2722, R&S UPV, Tek AM700,  Audio Precision ATS1 &2

5th: Semiconductor Analysis with thermal chamber on top; HP4145B w/plotter; Keithley 590 CV analyzer and 237 HV SMU.

6th: DC precision rack. With Fluke Voltage Standard on top. Then 4 seven decade Kelvin Varley dividers from Fluke and ESI and 3 HP 3458A 8-1/2 digit bench meters. (3 of them permits voting...)

My advice on shopping for high end gear? Shop wisely. Purchase new gear in the last week of a supplier’s fiscal quarter. And buy factory demo units or the previous model from what is considered the current model.” Our anonymous engineer collected this gear over a 10 year period to support power supplies design, power integrity, EM compliance, semiconductor noise and parameter analysis, audio/video reproduction, and automated testing using LabView. He holds a BSEE degree from University of Colorado, Boulder.

fig 9

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