The EMI Automotive Band Evaluations are done by the software extension “EMI Automotive Band Evaluation” or short “EMI Automotive” for the EMC software R&S EMC32. EMI disturbance signals generated from car components have to be measured with on-board communication antennas in their frequency bands. The frequency bands as well as the bandwidth of the antennas may overlap in the frequency domain. Therefore the task is not solvable by a standard EMI Scan, EMI Sweep or EMI Auto Test template. So EMI Automotive defines sub ranges correspondent to the band related frequency definition and uses the appropriate antenna specified for this band per sub range in a dedicates hardware setup. The extension matches two different demands: it is closely related to automotive and avionic needs, and it is a kind of sequencer for EMI tests. The standard applications are on-board EMI measurement sequences in broadband and communications frequency bands for automotive and aerospace applications.

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