December 12, 2017

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SI Methodology

Signal Integrity Methodology for Double-Digit Multi-Gigabit Interfaces

By Ken Willis

This paper suggests methodologies for creating a “virtual prototype” of a serial link pre-design and how to create the associated interconnect and SerDes models that go with it.


Maxim Transceivers Provide 2x Faster Data Rates and Up to 50% Extended Cable Length for Motion Control and Industrial Applications

The MAX22500E, MAX22501E, and MAX22502E RS-485 transceivers extend the reach of communication up to 100Mbps over 50m, achieving the industry’s fastest data rates for communication across long cables for a variety of motion control applications.


New 5 Series MSO Low-Profile Oscilloscope Raises Bar for Machine Diagnostics, High Energy Physics Test

Tektronix, Inc., a worldwide provider of measurement solutions, announced the 5 Series MSO Low Profile oscilloscope for machine diagnostics and automated test (ATE) applications.



Rohde & Schwarz

In Situ Calibration Utilizing the R&S®ZN-Z3x Inline Calibration Units

By Rohde & Schwarz

This application note reviews a new calibration subsystem which consists of Inline Calibration Units (ICUs). These ICUs are designed for in situ use, so they are left in place both during the calibration procedure and during the measurement of the Device Under Test (DUT).


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Upcoming Webinars

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In-Situ De-embedding

Traditional de-embedding methods can give non-causal errors in device-under-test (DUT) results if the test fixture and calibration structure have different impedances. This presentation introduces In-Situ De-embedding (ISD) to address such impedance differences using software instead of hardware, thereby improving de-embedding accuracy while reducing hardware costs.

PCI Express Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5 Physical Layer Test Requirements and Procedures

This webinar will equip engineers with an understanding of the test specifications, detailed test procedures, and optimal test equipment configurations to ensure their products pass PCI Express compliance testing.


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