December 15, 2016

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When Worlds Collide: Why RF Design is Very Different from High-Speed Digital Design

You would think that interconnect design for RF applications and high-speed digital applications would be very similar. After all, the upper frequency range of the applications are similar. But here is why that is not the case.


Resonant Test Structures: Primer and Signal Integrity Applications
By Alfred P. Neves and Chun-Ting Wang Lee

In this paper, we introduce a special class of resonant structure - the Beatty Standard - along with other classic resonators. We examine closely the resonant Beatty Standard, its impedance profile, loss characteristics, and its application to printed circuit board material property extraction.



BER Analysis of PAM4 Serdes in 56G, 100G, 200G, and 400G Applications
By Anritsu

Faced with a choice between replacing circuit boards with expensive low-loss dielectric media or implementing a more complicated but lower bandwidth signaling scheme, engineers are choosing PAM4 (4-level pulse amplitude modulation) signaling over conventional NRZ (non-return to zero.


Evaluation of Gallium Nitride HEMTs for VRM Designs
Venkatesh Avula and Steve Sandler

This paper is not about the improvements that GaN HEMT offers, as not much has been written on this topic. It address the migration path and the complexities that might be faced in attempting to migrate current state-of-the-art designs from the existing Si MOSFET devices to the current generation of GaN HEMT devices.


Simulating Crosstalk and EMI in Cables

Cables not only transfer the power needed to run electrical equipment, but also the data signals needed to operate them. To prevent errors and device failures, the same attention must be paid to the choice and installation of the cabling as is paid to the rest of the system.


Power Integrity Course on Video

Steve Sandler of Pico Test and Heidi Barnes of Keysight teach this short course on Power Integrity given at EDI CON USA 2016 - this is two part video on demand course about 2 hours in length (Part I about 90 minutes, Part II about 30 minutes).




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