November 21, 2017

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TA- PDN issues can occur in the simplest of circuits

PDN issues can occur in the simplest of circuits

By Steve Sandler

This study focuses on a much smaller scale addressing a very simple circuit comprised the related PDN issue.  While the issues shown here may seem obvious to some, this is an excellent example of what is a very common problem.

TA- How Much Capacitance Do We Really get?

How Much Capacitance Do We Really get?

By Istvan Novak

In power distribution networks (PDN), capacitors are used in the largest number.  Further away from the DC source, they provide the local charge storage. We have to use enough capacitors so that the PDN functions properly.  At the same time, to keep cost and size in check, we want to avoid overdesign and not use capacitors unnecessarily.

TA- Designing Power for Sensitive Circuits

Designing Power for Sensitive Circuits

By Steve Sandler

This EDI CON USA 2017 Outstanind Paper Award winning paper discusses the various noise paths that contribute to the degradation of the sensitive circuit as well as how to optimize, measure, and troubleshoot power supply related noise for these applications.

Sigrity OptimizePI Technology

Sigrity OptimizePI Technology

To ensure you get high performance at a system and component level, while at the same time saving between 15% and 50% in decoupling capacitor (decap) costs, Cadence® Sigrity™ OptimizePI™ technology does a complete AC frequency analysis of boards and IC packages.


SIwave: Port Radius and Port Impedance Impact on Accuracy

Concerning the impact of port reference impedance, some claim that commercial EDA solutions suffer from a limitation in which the accuracy of the solution is dependent on guessing the correct port reference impedance for a PDN prior to simulation. ANSYS® SIwave™ does not suffer from this limitation.



GigaTest Labs

An Enabling Technique for Multi-Port VNA Measurements with Microprobes Using De-Embedding

By Orlando Bell, Gary Otonari, Harry Christie, GigaTest Labs, and Eric Bogatin

GigaTest Labs has developed a calibration technique for multi-port VNA measurements that combines the ease of use and robustness of an e-cal module with the flexibility and utility of microprobes.



PI Course

Power Integrity Short Course - Heidi Barnes, Keysight, and Steve Sandler, Pico Test

Steve Sandler of Pico Test and Heidi Barnes of Keysight teach this short course on Power Integrity at EDI CON USA 2016 - Part I is about 90 min and Part II is about 30 minutes.

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