November 7, 2017

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Bode Plots TA

Bode Plots are Overrated
By Steve Sandler

I’m not saying control loop stability isn’t important, of course it is. I am saying that whether your focus is power supply design, power integrity or mixed-signal, the Bode plot probably isn’t going to provide you with a reliable or optimum solution. Here are five major reasons for saying this...

Zzero PCB Stackup Design

Z-zero launches Z-planner and Field Solver Sandbox for PCB Stackup Design

Z-zero announced the launch of two new software products —Z-planner, for PCB stackup design and materials selection; and Field Solver Sandbox, for quick, accurate impedance and insertion–loss results.


ZTE becomes the exclusive supplier of beyond 100G OTN for Telefonica Mexico Movistar

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), announced it became the exclusive supplier of beyond 100G Optical Transport Network (OTN) project of Telefonica Mexico Movistar (TMM) in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.



Using VNA’s as a Tool for Signal Integrity in High Speed Digital Systems

By Anritsu
This paper will explore how bit rates in serial communication systems increase the signal paths and why they must be treated as high frequency transmission lines.

New Job Openings on SIJ site

New Job Openings Section on the SIJ Website

We’ve added a job opening section to the Signal Integrity Journal website. It can be found on the main site by navigating through the “Community” drop down. Right now, the classified ads are free, so please spread the word to have people post open jobs.

Signal Integrity Webinar

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The 3 Necessary Evils - Discover and Solve PI, SI and EMI Issues Affecting Designs

Today a lot of electronic designs are faced with multiple challenges while integrating digital, analog and RF circuits. To achieve compliance and relevant performance, designers need to characterize power lines and tracks, high speed comms and verify their integrity while not causing any bigger EMI issues. Learn about the relevance of power integrity, signal integrity, and EMC. You’ll also look at their interactions and impact on your design. Discover how to uncover, to locate, and to solve these challenges.

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