October 3, 2017

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Sierra Circuits LB 9.26

High Speed Digital Symposium Highlights

High Speed Digital Symposium Highlights

By Eric Bogatin

The theme of this three-hour event was how do we take information about the material properties of circuit board interconnects and integrate it into simulations to accurately predict channel performance. Read this thorough summary by Eric Bogatin.

Silicon Labs Si5332

Highly Integrated, Low-Power Clock ICs from Silicon Labs Simplify Timing for Demanding 10/25/100G Designs

Silicon Labs introduced a new family of high-performance clock generators offering the industry’s most highly integrated timing solution for 10/25/100G applications. The new Si5332 clock family delivers a timing solution that provides frequency flexibility and jitter performance of 230 fs rms.

Keysight Seminar

Keysight Technologies to Host Seminar for Solving Crosstalk, Jitter Challenges—From Simulation to Test

Keysight will host a complementary seminar on crosstalk and jitter challenges, from simulation to test in Santa Clara Oct 12. Technical experts MinJie Chong and Hee-Soo Lee will discuss and demonstrate the latest tools and techniques for solving these challenges.


Anritsu Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB Type-C

Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB Type-C: Testing in the fast lane

By Anritsu Company

This article delves into the emerging test and measurement challenges at a time when signaling frequency and data speed continue to rise in both Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.1 interconnect domains.

EDI CON USA 2017 Celebrates Article

EDI CON USA 2017 Celebrates High Speed and High Frequency in Boston

Read this summary of the EDI CON USA event that took place in Boston Sept. 11-13 including sessions, panels, workshops and exhibition highlights.

Signal Integrity Webinar
Webinar Anritsu Using VNAs

Using VNAs for Eye Diagrams: Understanding S-parameter Measurements Webinar

Learn how to create meaningful eye diagrams from S-parameters, including the basics of S-parameters, how an eye diagram is calculated using S-parameters, S-parameter test considerations and measurement examples in this pre-recorded webinar given by Al Neves of Wild River Technology.

Visit our archived webinars page for educational resources on various design and measurement subjects and view at your convenience.

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