October 31, 2017

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Lessons learned:  How to Make Predictable PCB Interconnects for Data Rates of 50 Gbps and Beyond

Lessons learned: How to Make Predictable PCB Interconnects for Data Rates of 50 Gbps and Beyond

By Wendem Beyene, Yeon-Chang Hahm, Jihong Ren, Dave Secker, Don Mullen, and Yuriy Shlepnev

Design of PCB interconnects for data channels running at bitrate 50 Gbps and beyond is a very challenging problem. This paper shares our experience in building a practical methodology to make predictable 50 Gbps interconnects models.

Ardent Concepts

Ardent Concepts Targets System Design-in with Dual-Ended TR Multicoax Connector

Ardent Concepts, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, controlled impedance connectors used in the development of next generation semiconductor applications, has released a dual-ended version of its 70 GHz high density TR Multicoax connector.

25G/50G Low-Latency Ethernet MAC

25G/50G Low-Latency Ethernet MAC, Optimized for Xilinx Ultrascale+ Transceiver Technology

The German Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI and Silicon Valley Missing Link Electronics (MLE) collaborate to optimize 25G/50G Ethernet Low-Latency Media Access Controller (MAC) for Xilinx Ultrascale+ Transceiver Technology.



Analyzing Power Integrity Issues from Power Plane Interactions

This white paper will explore some of the potential power integrity issues that can affect a PCB and explain how simulation can be used to help reduce these effects.



EDI CON China 2018 Opens Call For Abstracts

EDI CON China takes place March 20-22, 2018 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. This event includes technical conference sessions as well as workshops, panels, keynotes, poster sessions and demonstrations from industry leading exhibitors in the RF, microwave and high-speed digital industries. Authors wishing to submit an abstract can do so


Signal Integrity Webinar
Rogers High Speed Laminate

New High Speed Laminate from Rogers

Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal Editor, Pat Hindle, talks to Al Horn of Rogers about their new high speed laminate RO1200. Watch the video clip to learn more.

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