March 14, 2017

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Editors Choice

Expert Advice on Power Integrity - The Evergreen Question about PDN: Charge Delivery Time or Impedance
By Istvan Novak

PDN: Delivering and supplying enough charge to the load in a timely fashion to avoid too much droop in the load voltage, versus achieving a required impedance target and the capability of capacitors delivering charge beyond their series resonance frequency.

DGCON Announces SI and PI Technical Program
By Janine Love

SI and PI event taking place May 15-17, in Herzliya, Israel



Measuring Characteristic Impedance on Fine Line PCBs
By Martyn Gaudion

Measuring the characteristic impedance of most PCB transmission lines is straightforward and is usually achieved with a TDR – but it is important to “see” the characteristic impedance free from the impact of the interconnect from the test system, or effects from the end of the line under test.


EUT Monitoring with Digital Oscilloscopes
By Rohde and Schwarz


Mercury Announces Defense Industry's 1st DDR4 High Density Secure Memory Device
By Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems, Inc. announced the latest development in its high density secure memory product line, integrating double data rate fourth-generation synchronous dynamic random-access memory (DDR4 SDRAM) with its SWaP-efficient packaging technology.


EDI CON USA 2017 Opens Call for Abstracts

EDI CON USA 2017, an event that brings together engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs, will take place at the Hynes Convention Center, September 11-13 in Boston, Mass.


Using VNAs for Eye Diagrams: Understanding S-parameter Measurements Webinar

March 28, 2017 at 11 am ET




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