March 7, 2017

Sponsored by: EDICON USA 2017


Editors Choice

IEEE P370 Working Group Update
By Eric Bogatin

The IEEE P370 Working Group is tasked with improving high-speed PCB measurements, specifically in terms of characterizing PCBs and interconnects up to 50 GHz. If you weren’t able to make the IEEE P370 working group briefing at DesignCon 2017, here’s a way to get caught up.

Measuring Glass Weave Skew and the Identification of an Important Hidden Variable Artifact
By Eric Bogatin

Check out this technique developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder (CU) to measure the magnitude of the glass weave skew effect and an observation of an important hidden variable (which might explain why there is so much confusion about this effect in the industry).



EUT Monitoring with Digital Oscilloscopes
By Rohde and Schwarz


Accurate Statistical-Based DDR4 Margin Estimation Using SSN Induced Jitter Model
By HeeSoo LEE, Cindy Cui, Heidi Barnes and Luis Boluna

Here's a method that improves the accuracy of DDR4 statistical simulation by using the mask correction factor. It presents a validated correlation between measured and simulated data to show that this methodology can be effectively used for DDR4 design.


EDI CON USA 2017 Opens Call for Abstracts

Potential speakers can submit abstracts in 12 tracks covering high frequency and high-speed digital topics, vying for speaking slots in technical sessions at the conference as well as an EDI CON USA Outstanding Paper Award.


LXI Digitizers for Multi-Channel High-Frequency Signal Capture and Analysis

Spectrum GmbH announces the release of the DN6.22x series of LXI digitizers, get the details here.