Indium Corporation is proud to be a global supplier of high-quality, high-purity gallium acetylacetonate, also known as Ga(acac)3. Ga(acac)3 is an organometallic coordination complex, with gallium at the center surrounded by three acetylacetonate ligands, which has several applications in materials science, organic chemistry, and catalysis due to its versatility and stability. 

Through heating and decomposition, Indium Corporation’s Ga(acac)3 can be used to produce a highly pure and uniform thin-film version of gallium oxide (Ga2O3).  This unique variation of Ga2O3 finds common use as an ultra-wide bandgap (~4.8 eV) semiconductor in power electronics applications. 

Indium Corporation Ga(acac)3 can be combined with sulfur to synthesize gallium sulfide (Ga2S3) quantum dots with an approximate bandgap of 3.30eV. The resulting Ga2S3 quantum dots are well suited for use in photonics and optoelectronics. Ga(acac)3 can also be used to prepare quantum dots of gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium phosphide (GaP), and gallium indium phosphide (GaInP), with potential applications in quantum photonics. 

Additionally, Ga(acac)3 serves as a thermally stable replacement for trimethyl gallium (TMG) in high-temperature deposition processes. It decomposes at higher temperatures and is not pyrophoric like TMG, making it safer to handle. The crystalline powder form of Ga(acac)3 adds to its ease of handling compared to the liquid state of TMG. 

With purity starting at 99.99%, Indium Corporation can optimize its Ga(acac)3 to the specific needs of its customers.