Indium Corporation’s Senior Research Metallurgist, Jie Geng, Ph.D., will conduct a webinar on low-voiding, high-reliability, lead-free solder paste for automotive applications. The webinar, part of Indium Corporation’s free InSIDER Series, will be hosted on LinkedIn Live on April 17 at 11 a.m. ET. 

Dr. Geng will evaluate a novel lead-free solder paste developed using Indium Corporation’s patented Durafuse® mixed-alloy technology, Durafuse HR (DFHR). Demonstrating the merits of each constituent solder powder in the paste, DFHR delivers enhanced thermal cycling performance (-40°C/125°C and -40°C/150°C) and superior voiding performance for high-reliability automotive applications. 

“Among other features such as versatile compatibility with SAC305 reflow profiles, Durafuse HR shows dramatically improved voiding performance along with high thermal fatigue resistance compared to SAC305 and other high-reliability solder pastes,” said Dr. Geng. “I believe that this technology has the ability to revolutionize automotive soldering processes, and I look forward to sharing this exciting data with my industry colleagues.” 

As Senior Research Metallurgist, Dr. Geng leads research projects and works innovatively to deliver timely solutions for both customers and the market. He designs implementation and adjustments of experiments, analyzes the root cause of product failures to create solutions, and trains and leads research associates in laboratory projects. Since joining Indium Corporation in 2016, he has excelled in technology development, as demonstrated by his recent success with Indalloy®292 and Durafuse HR. Dr. Geng holds a doctorate in metallurgy, a master’s degree in materials science, and a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering.