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September 3, 2019

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Demystifying PCB Transmission Line Interconnect Modeling

By Bert Simonovich

When starting a new project, board designers are often overwhelmed when trying to choose appropriate diff pair geometry, board material, and stackup to meet high-speed serial link loss budgets. Part of the printed circuit board (PCB) interconnect challenge is modeling transmission lines accurately. 


Executive Q&A: Larry Williams, ANSYS

By Janine Love

SIJ had the opportunity to engage with Larry Williams, ANSYS director of technology, to find out his thoughts on how modeling and simulation needs have changed, how the industry has responded, and what’s next. At ANSYS, Larry Williams is responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s physics simulation products.

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Top Size and Power Saving Benefits of Programmable Timing

MEMS timing systems offer the biggest selection of configurable timing features for reducing size and power. In addition, there are MEMS timing systems with a programmable platform and rich features to improve performance and speed development as well as manufacturing time while reducing risk.

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Portable AWG Allows Signal-Generation for Up to 16 Channels

Spectrum Instrumentation’s latest line of arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) is based on the LXI instrumentation standard and has been created for engineers and scientists that need to simultaneously generate up to 16 precise electronic signals.


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Power Sequencing Test Solution for FPGAs, MCUs and CPUs

Sponsored By Rohde & Schwarz

Processing components such as FPGAs, MCUs and CPUs have specific power supply requirements. Their multiple supplies need to power-up and power-down in a specified time sequence in order to avoid damage. The supply voltage tolerances are tight and require a carefully designed power supply. Download the app note to learn more.

EDI CON Online

Test Fixture De-embedding for PCB Characterization and Material Extraction

This SI/PI Technical Session on September 12 at 2:00pm ET presented by James Drewniak, will cover de-embedding using a 2X thru approach, and suitable test fixture development for successful de-embedding to high frequencies will be discussed. The specific application presented will be PCB material characterization.

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Best Practices for Interpreting Power Integrity Measurements

Modern electronics, from automotive to Internet of things, and everything in between, present many power integrity challenges. The performance of the high-speed circuits, including reference clocks, LNAs and transceivers, is dependent on power supply noise. This webinar provides expert advice on the best methodologies for performing low noise measurements as well as explains how to identify and correct power-supply related issues. Register and join us on September 18th!


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